Extend Subscription to Search Algo Updates Search algo updates adapt your software to search engines' algorithms changes. They are necessary to make sure you always have the most current and accurate SEO data.

The pricing information below is relevant only for users who ordered their SEO PowerSuite license before 25 January 2020.

Note: The more subscriptions you prolong at once, the more you save.
You save even more if you extend subscriptions for a longer period of time (see the pricing.)

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Search Algo Updates FAQ

What discounts do I get when extending subscriptions for multiple tools and longer time?

Get up to 77% off when extending your subscription for multiple tools or for a longer time period:

SEO PowerSuite (4 tools) Professional single product PROFESSIONAL
1 month $29.95 $14.95
6 months $119.95 (save $30) $59.95 (save $5)
12 months $179.95 (save $60) $89.95 (save $10)
24 months $259.95 (save $60) $129.95 (save $10)
36 months $319.95 (save $100) $159.95 (save $20)

SEO PowerSuite (4 tools) Enterprise single product Enterprise
1 month $69.95 $34.95
6 months $279.95 (save $70) $149.95 (save $10)
12 months $419.95 (save $140.00) $199.95 (save $20.00)
24 months $599.95 (save $140.00) $299.95 (save $20.00)
36 months $749.95 (save $200.00) $379.95 (save $40.00)

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What are Search Algo Updates?

Search engine algorithms change frequently. We monitor search engines closely, and whenever an algorithm change occurs, we provide Search Algo Updates to adapt your SEO PowerSuite software to the change and to make sure you always have the most current and accurate search engine data.

These updates also let you use SEO PowerSuite Cloud to store your SEO projects in the web.

When should I purchase Search Algo Updates?

With any purchased SEO PowerSuite license, you get 6 months of FREE Search Algo Updates. After 6 months, the updates are offered on a paid basis. You will get notified when you need to prolong your Search Algo Updates subscription right inside the software.

How does the discount system work?

You can get up to 77% off your Search Algo Updates subscription. The size of the discount depends on (A) the number of subscriptions you are prolonging simultaneously and (B) the time period you are extending them for.

Even if your Search Algo Updates haven't expired yet, you can still purchase extra subscription, and it will become active when the previous subscription expires. Therefore, if you're planning to buy new licenses, you can buy them now and extend their subscriptions at once, thus saving your money.

What happens if I don't extend Search Algo Updates?

You will still get all new features in SEO PowerSuite for free. However, when a search engine's algorithms change, SEO PowerSuite will no longer be available to get data from that search engine (keyword rankings, keyword competition, backlink information, etc.). Search Algo Updates are also required if you’d like to store your projects in the web using SEO PowerSuite Cloud.

So, for your SEO tools to stay fully functional, we recommend that you keep your Search Algo Updates subscription active at all times.